A brand new resource for people affected by NF2!!

At CYHU we are overjoyed to announce that the much anticipated, critically needed, new resource for anyone affected by NF2 has now been published!!

‘Living with NF2: From Us to You’, confronts many of the deep and difficult emotions that are commonly experienced throughout a journey with NF2 and addresses how our thoughts and feelings can determine the relationships we have with ourselves as well as those around us. By exposing the true nature of how life with NF2 can be, it aims to put an end to the silence in which so many people feel confined. Through our personal experiences, we also share how we can learn to cope with, and even embrace, change in our lives.

We believe that this book will challenge perceptions of what it means to live with a serious illness and transform the world’s understanding of NF2, so let’s give thought to what has been achieved together and celebrate what it means for our community and future generations. Let’s share and shout about it to everyone we know because this little bundle of words on paper holds the potential to improve people’s lives in more ways than we can possibly explain.

While there are endless reasons for creating this book our highest hope is that it will reassure anyone affected by NF2 that there are people who can relate to their feelings and that, although they may often feel it, they are never alone.

With thanks to a grant from the National Lottery’s Awards for All scheme the book is available to everyone free of charge. You can collect copies from NF2 specialist centres in Cambridge, Manchester, London and Oxford or order from the CYHU website (postage costs apply) https://canyouhearus.co.uk/shop/