Buddy Scheme

The CYHU Buddy Scheme has been set up to support1support people in need of information or practical advice about specific issues from someone with first-hand experience. It can also be accessed for purely social purposes.

CYHU have built a database that contains some basic information about people who wish to provide support to others through the Scheme such as; their age and location, their past medical procedures and treatments, their working background, education, hobbies and interests. Using this information, CYHU are able to match people with other NF2 patients who have had similar experiences or share similar interests.

We also keep a database for family members seeking contact with other people related to someone with NF2.

So if you are facing a difficult decision about medical treatment and would like to speak with someone who has experience with your specific situation; if you are struggling to adapt to the challenges that NF2 can bring and would like advice about how you can continue doing the things that you want to do; or if you are looking for a friendly person to talk to who understands how life with NF2/a relative affected by NF2 can be then please get in touch with us through our contact page.

To sign up as a volunteer Buddy please complete the questionnaire here.