Can You Hear Us? needs your help!

Can You Hear Us? Needs your help!

The project NF2: Our Journeys is about pulling together as a community, the NF2 community, and working together to support each other so that we can achieve the highest quality of life possible.

With this book we have the opportunity and ability to inspire those who have doubts that they are still capable of having a good life in spite of the challenges that NF2 can bring.

To make this project become a reality we need to raise funds to cover the production costs of the book. The ideal target is £2,000 in order to produce the desired amount of paperback copies.

Any donations large or small will be greatly appreciated and we hope that you can join us in helping to end the silence in which NF2 can bring.

If you would like to make a donation please visit our Go Get Funding fundraiser page by clicking on the image or link below.