Catch It Anytime You Can by Anna Lickey

Nicola may have bleary vision but she brings the reader to know, with startling clarity, the challenges, laughter, tears, joys and devastations she faces as her life options are gradually reduced by a serious illness. What could appear on the surface to be a bleak story becomes a powerful example of how a strong independent spirit can adapt to find new ways forward. With underlying humour, Nicola’s story defines to us the true essence of hope.

Catch It Anytime You Can is based on a true story and may truely alter your perceptions of others.

So why should you read this book?….

Anna Lickley is by no means the first person to capture their journey with a particular illness by telling their story, BUT not many people have captured it quite like this. Anna is a passionate and talented story teller.

Anna effortlessly uses a blend of snapshots from the ordinary, and the very extraordinary days to tell Nicola’s story. In doing this she not only helps us to understand about her own personal experience, but encourages the reader to think about the ways we all, as human beings, interact and communicate with our friends and families. It’s about how we can adapt to and reason with the most life-changing of challenges, and how tough / amusing / difficult / exhilarating / liberating / frustrating / upsetting that can be.