CYHU NF2 Summer Gathering 2014


The CYHU NF2 Summer Gathering 2014 took place on 27th, 28th & 29th June in and around Milton Keynes. We are very pleased to report that it was an overwhelming success and an amazing time was had by all.

On the Friday we all met at Willen Community Centre for a welcome party with games, BBQ, lots of Pimms, dressing-up fun and most importantly the chance to get to know each other. We concluded the evening by writing personal messages on a sky lantern which we lit and silently watched float up to heaven for our friend Laura.

Saturday started with a challenging walk through the beautiful Salcey Forest that led to a walkway rising to the tree tops. Despite the dismal weather we made it to the top just in time to watch the Sun poke its head quite magnificently through the clouds. This day will be fondly remembered for the support and encouragement that we provided each other with in order for us ALL to reach the summit of our journey. After changing into dry, less muddy clothes, we went for a delicious meal in a local pub that left everybody satisfied after our energetic day.

Sunday was devoted to a trip around Woburn Safari Park on a coach together followed by a meal in their banqueting suite. It’ll be a long time before we’re able to forget the quite friendly giraffes or the very cheeky monkeys clambering all over the coach – never have we seen NF2ers and a bus driver so excited!

As we summed up the weekend in our reflection round at Woburn it was evident that, although the activities planned were great fun, the sense of togetherness established among those present was by far the most satisfying thing to happen. Since its inception CYHU has aimed to reduce the isolation of, and create a thriving community for, those living with NF2. The Summer Gathering certainly went some of the way to achieving this and we can definitely hope for greater success in the future!

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