CYHU NF2 Summer Gathering 2016


Review of the CYHU NF2 Summer Gathering 2016

“At the gathering I felt much more confident. Being around others with NF2 was so liberating. I didn’t have to put on an act. People understood me, and I them. There was an unspoken bond.” (Adam Law)

“Coming here and taking part in the activities brings you out of your comfort zone. I wouldn’t do these things if I didn’t have others to encourage me. But coming to the gatherings is not just about the activities; I come to be with other NF2ers because I feel part of a ‘family’.” (Alison Knight)

Can You Hear Us provide social gatherings for people with NF2. Click here for more information.

2. CYHU canoeing group photo - Saturday4. Group 2 canoeing - Saturday