CYHU NF2 Winter Gathering 2015


Magic cannot truly be felt from behind a computer screen, so it is with pitiful words that we will attempt to paint a picture of an unforgettable weekend spent united, as NF2ers should be, at the CYHU Winter Gathering 2015.

Here are some moving words from gathering first timer, Andy Wight, as he expressed in our reflection session this morning just what the Gathering meant to him, He is a shining example of how being amongst ‘us’ can release, almost instantly, the heavy burden of isolation that NF2 so often thrusts upon people’s lives and how it can help those living with the disease to remember who they truly are.

“Honestly, I couldn’t sleep a wink last night. I was moaning that I couldn’t express in words about this weekend. I don’t think you realise that today I am not the same person that I was on Friday. Seven years ago I went deaf and I forgot how to communicate. I forgot who I was and this weekend that’s all changed. When I came here this weekend I was worried that I would have troubles and difficulties because of NF2 but I am amazed that how well everyone is doing and living their life despite the fact that they have been dealt difficult cards. For me this weekend has opened the door. It’s made me realise the sort of person that I want to be. I have learnt to be me again.” (Andy Wight)