Free Book Policy

If you are based in the UK and have NF2 you are entitled to a free copy of this book.  At no point during this process are any of your personal details passed between us and your hospital, unless you authorise them to do so.

Step 1: Request a Code

Contact a NF2 specialist at your treatment centre.  Our approved list is as follows:

  • Juliette Durie-Gair (Addenbrookes, Cambridge)
  • Nicola Galaxy (Addenbrookes, Cambridge)
  • Sally Maspero (Guy’s, London)
  • Tina Hemblade (Guy’s, London)
  • Vanessa Everett Paed (Guy’s, London)
  • Dympna McAleer (St Mary’s, Manchester)
  • Mary Perry (St Mary’s, Manchester)
  • Vilka Scott-Kitching (St Mary’s, Manchester)
  • Patricia Braithwaite (Leeds/Northern)
  • Carolyn Smyth (Midlands)
  • Grace McCleod (West of Scotland)
  • Linda Porter Goff (Oxford & South West)
  • Steven Martin (Oxford & South West)
  • Wendy Howard (Oxford & South West)

If you don’t recognise any of the names above, please contact us.

Step 2: Ordering Your Free Book

Order your book within our shop, and put your free book code in the COUPON field.  Please note that the code will only be applied if ordering one book only.  The book can be ordered on behalf of an NF2er, but we will need the NF2ers real name so we can track who has already received a book.

If your coupon does not work, it’s likely to be an older style coupon which was generated before our shop system allowed free book coupons.  Please contact your NF2 Specialist again for a new code.