Gareth’s Half-Marathon Fundraiser

South Africa trip April 2013 326Hello everyone, my name is Gareth and I am running the Bristol Half Marathon on the 21st September 2014. This will be my first run of any significant distance, ever. So why am I doing it? Well, apart from being totally mad that is simple, so let me explain…

CYHU began with the vision of showing people that NF2 was not there to define them and that people living with the condition can achieve many great things. To prove this, CYHU produced a book containing a collection of inspirational life stories written by people with NF2 of all ages, backgrounds and experiences from all over the world. And it didn’t stop there. Companions in Clinic followed, where patients could meet with others whilst waiting for appointments to show that they were not alone and provides the opportunity to meet old friends and make new ones. CYHU also developed social gatherings to bring people with NF2 together. The gatherings offer people affected by NF2, along with their families/friends, to meet up in non-formal surroundings; an important part of showing that NF2 is not all about hospitals and appointments.

Since I met my partner Sharron (who has NF2) three and ame half years ago I have also met many awesome people that never let NF2 stand in their way. The mission of CYHU is to support others affected by the condition and I felt that I wanted to help the organisation achieve this by raising some money to aid their work. So I started to lose weight, walking slowly building up to running, with the vision of running a half marathon in 2015. I was subsequently told ‘don’t wait until next year, you can do one this year’. So there it is. My motivation is simply the desire to do my bit in supporting the amazing people I have met through Sharron’s journey with NF2 so far.


Please help me achieve my goals and give me even more motivation by donating even a small amount via the donate button on the CYHU website.

Many thanks,