Heroic effort raises over £300 for CYHU?!!

On Sunday 8th September Emma Pratt and her partner Gareth took part in a WOLF Run (a 10K Run though woods, lakes and rivers, and over obstacles) and managed to raise over £300 for Can You Hear Us?!!

Emma’s sister, Sue (author in NF2: Our Journeys), was diagnosed with NF2 at the age of 29, therefore directly supporting those with the condition is something very close to Emma’s heart and we thank her and Gareth so much for their amazing efforts in the Wolf Run and for braving the the smelly swamps and sticky mud in aid of Can You Hear Us?!

Emma off to a good start              An almost unrecognisable Emma              Gareth at the start of run and mud-free              A different kind of pool party...Emma and Gareth victorious in both the Wolf Run and destroying the CYHU t-shirts!

“It all started with us running over massive tractor tyres, then soon after we were in a swamp up to our chests!! It was cold and smelly! We then ran though Woods where the mud was unreal, we were slipping and sliding all over.. most of the course was like this!! We crawled under low cargo nets through the really smelly muddy bog, we climbed hay bales, ran up and down dug out ramps, climbed monkey bars, swam through a river which was freezing cold, climbed a few high walls, jumped in pits of muddy thick sludgy water. Then the bit I was really looking forward to…. a really long water slide down a steep hill! We then ran for a while before turning the corner of the last few obstacles which were climbing up a rope and over a high wall. The last part of the course was a muddy hill where you jumped in a massive mud pool – the only thing which was white at the end were our eyes and teeth!! It was the most fun we’ve had in a long time and we will certainly be doing it again next year!! It was hard work but totally loved every minute, and knowing we were doing it for a cause so close to our hearts made it very special and even more worth ‘Wild’!!” (Emma Pratt, Wolf Run survivour!).

If you would like to organise or take part in a fundraising event for Can You Hear Us? please contact us. We can provide you with information sheets, sponsorship forms, CYHU t-shirts, and support with planning and promoting your event. All funds raised will go towards future projects for raising awareness of NF2 and supporting those with the condition.