Home: A poem by Fred dedicated to his NF2 friends


By Fred Suter

In the course of the year
There are days
Where I feel alone here
In so many ways

And where is here, nobody knows
Especially not me
While my loneliness grows
And makes it hard to see:

That so many others feel the same
Day by day we feel caught
In the world from where we came
Where we once fought

Now we battle someplace else, everyone by himself
And every fruitful conversation
Feels like a trophy on a shelf
If we try hard we can overcome the situation

And some of these days we get together
All those stuck in the struggle throughout the year
The usual stones become the weight of a feather
And we are here…

In the place we dream of
Where magic happens, where we are ourselves
So much care and so much love
A million trophies for our shelves

And as the spirit gleams
My lonliness fades, with energy recharged
Nothing is as it seems
My head held high, confidence enlarged

Thanks to my friends who show me
Where I am and that I’m never alone
That together we can be
In the place called home