NF2 Awareness Month special offer! (UK)

May is NF Awareness Month and to support this CYHU are offering free postage for up to 3 copies of Living With NF2 From Us to You (which is also free), with the idea being that you pass them on to someone who has little/no awareness of NF2 and the challenges it can bring.

The book not only raises awareness of the disease itself but also of the emotional impacts it can have on people in their day-to-day lives and over the course of their lifetime. As a result of raising this type of awareness, those who do not have NF2 can gain a better understanding of how to support the people they care for. It can also help those affected by NF2 to gain clarity on their feelings and learn about effective coping strategies.

Please note that this offer only applies to members of the UK. If you live outside of the UK you will need to pay for postage costs. You can order through our shop at

“I have truly found the book to be a revelation. I’ve been diagnosed with NF2 for 13 years now, and you would expect me to know everything, but what the book has very cleverly managed to do is tune into every aspect that has affected me personally, It is teaching me things I didn’t realise, while amply fulfilling its aim of making my feelings and experiences normal.” (K.Straker, NF2 patient)

“What I really liked about this book, was that it did not focus on NF2 as an condition, but rather as a lifestyle, so to speak. The advice and quotes from people with the condition was something I found especially helpful. The section ‘supporting someone with NF2’ I found especially useful and poignant. Reading this has made me understand my wife a bit more, her view on the world and of herself. I do have a tendency to bottle up my emotions/problems, because my wife’s are far worse. So thank you for the reminder to share my feelings. Thank you so much for a truly wonderful book, it has helped me and I know it will help many many others!” (E.Schiffer)

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