Medical ID Jewellery

My Grandad was insistent that I got a medical alert bracelet stating that I have NF2, where I go for treatment, and my hospital number in case of an emergency (I have this info engraved on the back). At first I thought it would feel like a dog tag and look really ugly, but there are lots of styles to choose from and I really like mine as a bracelet itself, with the added bonus of safety. If I ever had an accident and was on my own then paramedics would know my situation immediately. It could prove a lifesaver.


Check out the website

They do all sorts of bracelet styles for men and women, and also necklaces, rubber wrist bands and medical ID cards. I’d recommend anyone with NF2 to get one. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Mine’s gone straight on my wrist – thanks Gramps!!

by Jessica Cook