NF2: Our Journeys… coming soon!

With the submission of contributions to the forthcoming book ‘NF2: Our Journeys‘ for international participants nearing its end it really is time to start getting excited!

So far 40 people from around the world have courageously shared their personal experiences in life, both with and without NF2, in order to benefit others. With an age range of 20 – 73 years old and showcasing a wide variety in the severity of the condition as well as an array of personal hobbies, interests, and joys in life, it is hoped that whoever picks up this book in the future will be able to locate someone in which they can most personally relate to.

The Can You Hear Us? team are working hard with the aim for the book to go into production around Easter time and to be released in early summer 2013. Watch this space{….]

A collection of inspirational life stories written by people with NF2.

There is no manual about how to live life with NF2, but how much closer could we get than hearing from a collection of people who have already lived it, and are still living it?

Is it really possible to live a happy and fulfilled life whilst battling with a degenerative condition that currently has no cure? Yes, is the short answer.

How do we know this? Because people all over the world are proving it.

What happens when a group of extraordinary individuals unite to prove this point? The answer: a timeless testimony with the power of a thousand horses.

Although the central idea to share experiences is in no way breaking new ground, the notion of bringing those experiences together in an eternal edifice is yet to be materialised.

NF2: Our Journeys is coming soon…!!!