Privacy Policy

This is the privacy policy of Can You Hear Us, referenced in this document as CYHU. All team members and associates of CYHU are bound to this policy.

CYHU is committed to providing an effective service, but as a result of the nature of our work we will occasionally have to disclose information.

We are aware of different attitudes to disability, and acknowledge the need for flexible sensitivity when dealing with disability. CYHU will only ever disclose information to protect the interests and safety of our service users, and we will not disclose information without any individual’s permission. It will not be possible to assure complete confidentiality in all cases, but in such cases the individual will be advised prior to any potential disclosure. CYHU cannot be held responsible for actions of the third party once this information is disclosed.

CYHU will endeavour to protect confidentiality. We define protection of confidentiality to mean no information which will allow identification of a service user will be given directly or indirectly to any third party external without written and expressed consent to disclose.

CYHU are required to use discretion and care when discussing matters pertaining to an individual and will be diligent and do everything possible to prevent indirect disclosure such as discussing confidential issues in public places.

Statistical Recording
CYHU will record service use statistics initially for internal use only, but there may be times we may need to provide certain information to third parties, for example when bidding for funding.  CYHU will endeavour to deliver statistics to third parties rather than case studies if appropriate. We are committed to the effective statistical recording to monitor service use, uptake and identify any issues arising from services and policies. We will endeavour to ensure statistical references given for reasons pertaining to sustainability will be produced in an anonymous format, to prevent unnecessary identification of service users.

Legislative Framework & Ensuring Policy Effectiveness
CYHU will monitor the policy to ensure it meets relevant statutory and legal requirements. A copy of this policy will be freely available to all team members and all visitors to our website and will be reviewed regularly.