Take a look at these lovely greetings cards raising money for NF2: Our Journeys

DBUN Designs is a greeting card company specializing in original art cards for all occasions, and emerged from the collection of artwork by Nathalie Trytell (1979-2011) who lost her life to Neurofibromatosis (NF2). Our mission is to exhibit and share Nathalie’s art cards with the world, raise awareness of NF, and produce unique, beautiful art cards for all to enjoy. Our cards are artistic and unique, ranging from poignant images to whimsical portrayals of animals in human situations.

DBUN are donating 100% of all proceeds towards the production costs of NF2: Our Journeys if the customer puts in NF2JOURNEYS as coupon code in ETSY upon checkout.



Join DBUN Designs in helping to improve the lives of those affected by Neurofibromatosis by supporting this great company and purchasing some wonderful greetings cards handmade with love.