Want to be on the front cover of ‘NF2: Our Journeys’??

The front cover of the forthcoming book NF2: Our Journeys is going to be a collection of photos of people with NF2 doing something they love, or on a special day, a challenge etc, so that together we can prove that there is more to life than NF2 and that we will not allow the condition to define us!
Is there a photo that you would like to include in this? If so please send to nf2awarenessuk@hotmail.co.uk and please also read the remaining information in this post below.
Deadline for submissions is Tuesday 16th April 2013
It would be better if the photo only contained you, however it is ok to have other people in it so long as you ask their permission for it to be used first of all.
Please note that you DO NOT have to have written a story for the book. As with the stories participation in the front cover of the book is open to ALL with NF2, regardless of age, gender, race, or wherever you live in the world.
The more pictures we have, the stronger our message!