What We Do

Social Events bring people with NF2 together in a carefree, friendly atmosphere. The primary aims of the Gatherings are; to reduce the effects of isolation, increase resilience, improve confidence and self-esteem, and build a supportive community for people affected by NF2 in the UK. See here for more details.

Support Groups Companions in Clinic (CiC) is a small group of individuals affected by NF2 providing an alternative from the draining atmosphere of waiting rooms on clinic days in Cambridge. See here for more details.

NF2: Our Journeys was the first project to be completed by Can You Hear Us?. The book contains a collection of inspirational life stories written by people with NF2 of all ages, backgrounds and experiences. See here for more details.

Our Community is a free online forum in the UK offering NF2ers, Family, Friends and Carers the opportunity to connect. See here for more details.

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NF2 Gathering

CYHU strives to give a voice to people with NF2. Our efforts to gain insights into the needs of those with the condition take place through research, events, community feedback and our Online Forum. Knowledge is then applied to our projects so that they can be tailor made to fulfill the needs of the community.

CYHU projects are initiated and developed by a specialist team with personal experience of NF2 who are passionate about making a positive difference to the lives of those with the condition. You can meet the CYHU team by clicking here.