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Our Community, our free forum for NF2ers and their family.  Registration is totally free.  Click for more information

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Our Community is a free online forum in the UK for NF2ers, Family, Friends and Carers to connect. To keep things simple, there are just four separate forum areas: “Introductions”, “Just for NF2ers”, “Open Access” and “Community Suggestions and Help”.

Introductions forum is used to allow all members to introduce themselves to Our Community and this area is open to all members.  There is nothing worse than joining an already existing online community and not knowing anyone.  For that reason, this area serves two purposes.  Firstly, it allows you to tell other members a bit about yourself, why you joined etc. Secondly, you can look back at other introductions from other members.

Just for NF2ers forum provides at area for NF2ers to discuss all things NF2 related (and sometimes unrelated!).  The key thing about this area is it’s restricted to verified NF2ers (we may also allow parents/guardians of children or other special cases at our discretion).  NF2ers can also send personal messages to other members if there is something private you would like to discuss.

Open Access forum provides an area open to ALL members to discuss pretty much anything.  Members of Our Community who are not classed as an NF2er are not able to send personal messages, but can send a email to another member.  Emails are sent through Our Community, so your actual address address is never given out.

If you are not an NF2er you will not see the Just for NF2ers forum.

Community Suggestions and Help forum is open to all members of Our Community.  If you have a How Do I question so have seen a cool feature on another forum, let us know on this forum.

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