Past Events and Transcripts

Below are the previous events hosted or officially attended by Can You Hear Us? and contains a report, photo galleries, presentations and transcripts when available.

To view an event in full, simply click on it’s title. Events are listed in Date order, starting the most recent.


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CYHU NF2 Summer Gathering 2016

CYHU NF2 SUMMER GATHERING 2016 “At the gathering I felt much more confident. Being around others with NF2 was so liberating. I didn’t have to put on an act. People understood me, and I them. There was an unspoken bond.” (Adam Law) “Coming here and taking part in the ...
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CYHU NF2 Winter Gathering 2015

CYHU NF2 WINTER GATHERING 2015 Magic cannot truly be felt from behind a computer screen, so it is with pitiful words that we will attempt to paint a picture of an unforgettable weekend spent united, as NF2ers should be, at the CYHU Winter Gathering 2015. Here are some moving words from gathering ...
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CYHU NF2 Summer Gathering 2015

CYHU NF2 SUMMER GATHERING 2015 On the weekend of 7th, 8th & 9th August, in the depths of the National Forest in Derbyshire, Can You Hear Us? C.I.C hosted the NF2 Summer Gathering 2015. Along with some of their family, friends and carers, NF2ers had the opportunity to try new ...
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